Michelle Risley - United Kingdom

Look Up
Rating: 4.125 stars
8 votes

Antoinette Claassens - The Netherlands

Blame It On Your Heart
Rating: 4.3793103448276 stars
29 votes

Urusla Traffelet - Switzerland

Jukebox With A Country Song
Rating: 4.32 stars
25 votes

Annette Dida Nielsen - Denmark

Sommer i Sønderho
Rating: 4.5 stars
2 votes

Michelle Wright - United States

Put Your Boots On
Rating: 4 stars
6 votes

Karianne Heimvik - Norway

I'm Gonna Getcha
Spotlight Week
I'm Gonna Getcha by Karianne Heimvik 45
Wildflowers by Gudrun Schneider 44
5 Days by Silvia Schill & friends 43
Mi Amante (My Lover) by Val Saari 42
Here I Stand by Wil Bos & Colin Ghys 41
The Woods by Michelle Wright 40
Must've Been Wild Angels by Conrad Farnham 39
Die From A Broken Heart by Yannick Wouters 38
It's Only Human by Rhoda Lai 37
Just Forget by Silvia Schill 36
Dance Monkey by Alison Johnstone 35
Wait Up For Me by Charles Alexander Åkerblom Roskvist 34
My Side Of The Fence by Julia Wetzel 33
Caminando Por La Vida by Colin Ghys 32
Up And Down by Angéline Fourmage 31
I Don't Care! by Per Sørensen 29 & 30
Ooo La La Senorita by Jaszmine Tan 27 & 28
Sleepy Joe's Café by Silvia Schill 26
Remember You Young by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume Richard 25
Glitter & Gold by Alison Johnstone & Co 24
Baby (I Love You) by Régina Cheung 23