'Even If The Sky Is Falling Down' by Val Saari

'Bingle Bangle, Lets Just Dance!  by Val Saari

'Anyway The Wind Blows' by Dag Alexander Wien

'Crazy Love' by Marga Urgert & Marianne v/d Toorn Vrijthoff

No. 9  by Mary Bee Friedrich

'Tear Me Down' by Maggie Gallagher

'Four Little Diamonds' by Heather Gronow

'Things I Shouldn't Say' by Karine Moya

'Lo Nuestro Vale Más' by Karine Moya

'The Wanting' by Hopin Gwendoline

 Knockle Shuffle' by Hopin Gwendoline

'Como Tu' by Lars Kuif

'GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD' by Alison Johnstone & Jen Stevenson 

'So Complicated' by Kim Liebsch

 This Heart Will Not Erase You' by Eko Hari Prasetyo

'Cuz Boy, I Ain't Your Mama!' by Val Saari

'Kiss Somebody' by Lars Kuif

'Don't Bring Me Down' by Heather Gronow

'Don't Let Me Down' by Marja Urgert & Jan van Tiggelen