'Let it Go 就忘了吧' by Sally Hung

'Wind In My Sails' by Maggie Gallagher

'Lodi' by Sally Hung

'Mighty Fine' by Ria Vos

'Zulo Power' by Ria Vos

'Disco Inferno Party' by Val Saari

'Urban Nights' by Kim Ray

'Space Man' by Lars Kuif

'Kiss Me Like You Mean It' by Marianne Langagne

'Closest Ocean' by Marianne Langagne

'Ain't Coming Home' by Marianne Langagne

'Summer In New York' by Val Saari

'Married To Your Melody' by Val Saari

'Your Favorite Song' by Ivonne Verhagen & Raymond Sarlemijn

'It's The Way You Make Me Feel' by Sally Hung

'What A Beautiful Life' by Kim Liebsch

'Country Down To My Soul' by Pia Rossen

'HOLD MY HAND IMPROVER' by Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot

'Leave The Light' by Mathew Sinyard

'Whiskey 30' by Mathew Sinyard