'Low Odds' by Pia Rossen

'I Still Got Jim & Jack & Hank' by Pia Rossen

'Babe That's Love' by Vikki Morris

'Right Side Of The Bed' by Julia Wetzel

'Jjiniya' by Sally Hung

'No Can Do' by Rachael McEnaney-White

'Spirits & Demons' by Kim Ray& Co

'Every Little Word' by Kim Ray

'Serendipity' by Marianne Langagne

'All Over Me' by Marianne Langagne

'Howling In The Night' by Dwight Meessen

'Black Caviar' by Niels Poulsen

'Come On Cry To Me' by Suzi Beau

'Piet's Girl' by Charlotte Steele

'Keep On Holding' by Dirk Leibing & Co

'Wedding Day Tears' by Malene Jakobsen

'Know When To Run' by Andrina K Faulds

'The BBQ Dance' by Carrie Ann Earl

'I Got A Problem' by Mathew Sinyard

'Jello Shot' by Ivonne Verhagen & Colin Ghys