'Wicked' by Amanda Rizzello

'Naked No More' by Mike Stringer

'Time 2 Get Sexy' by Ria Vos

'Diamond Wings' by Ria Vos & Dee Musk

'Old Friends' by Greywolf & Wiya Wambli

'Dance With Me' by Greywolf & Wiya Wambli

'Everyone's Gone To The Moon' by Karen Tripp & Val Saari

'Million Dollar Baby $$$' by Val Saari

'Cameleon Cha Cha' by Christina Yang

'My Own Hero' by Christina Yang

 Love And Affection' by Micaela Svensson-Erlandsson

'Don't Lie To Me' by Mary Bee Friedrich

'Et Voila' by Mary Bee Friedrich

'Bad Girls, Bad Girls' by Val Saari

'Next Christmas In July' by Val Saari & Karen Tripp

'Under The Water' by Silvia Schill

'Back Where I Belong' by Silvia Schill