'Three Rows Over' by Elaine Cook

 'Chosen Family' by Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot

'Happier (Da-da, da-da, da-da, da)' by Val Saari

'The Sister Sledge Dance' by Marian van der Heijden & Sisters

'You Can Hear A Heart Break' by Nina Skyrud & Cato Larsen

'Raise Em Up (Remix)' by Val Saari

'Do You Miss Me Too' by Daisy Simons

'Mister Haze' by Marianne Langagne

'Homegrown Tomatoes' by Val Saari

'Four Five Fahrenheit' by Kim Liebsch

'Family Of Choice' by Nathan Gardiner

'At My Worst' by Sebastiaan Holtland

'Not Alright Cha' by Sebastiaan Holtland

'I Believe In Woman' by Dirk Leibing

'Hi High We Got' by Marianne Langagne

'Mississippi On My Mind' by Pia Rossen

'Give Me A Redneck Girl' by Pia Rossen

'Let's Go Home Together'  by Mathew Sinyard

'Light Up The Room' by Suzi Beau

'Vill Du Ha Mig?'  by Val Saari