'Najo Eh' by Harry Schalk

'I'll Always Be There' by Micaela Svensson Erlandsson

'Natural' by Mathew Sinyard

'Eyes Closed' by Maggie Gallagher & Co

'Don't Mess With Exes' by Silvia Schill

'Eveything Is Crazy' by Silvia Schill

'Whistle While You Twerk' by Charles Alexander

'Country Nights' by Maggie Gallagher & Co

 Ready To Fall' by Lesley Kidd & Hayley Goy

'Drunk Text' by Sally Hung

'Back To The Middle' by Jamie Barnfield & Co

'Listen To Your Mother' by Hayley Wheatley & Co

'Growing Up And Getting Old' by Hayley Wheatley & Co

'Gold Rush Kid' by Hayley Wheatley

'Umbrello Charlston' by Hayley Wheatley & Co

'El Merengue!!' by Val Saari

'Cup Of Kindness' by Vikki Morris

'POSE and LIVE' by Dwight Meessen

'Killing Me Softly With His Song' by Sally Hung

'Like Me To Me' by Marianne Langagne