'Everything In Between' by Kim Ray

'Is This Too Much' by Julia Wetzel

'Es Imposible!  by Val Saari

 'Shouting To The Monsters' by Niels Poulsen

'Couldn't Keep Up' by Stephen Paterson

'Chante!  by Stephen Paterson & Adriaan Lefebour

'Find Your Music! ' by Stephen Paterson

'Every Day I Love You' by Janet Ge

'Hey Gringo' by Ria Vos

'Cadillac Bound' by TFD Sabine

'Bad Habits EZ' by Alison Johnstone

'Spanish Airways' by Dwight Meessen

'Someboby's Daughter' by Heather Gronow

'Ha Oh Ho' by Christina Yang

'Telephone Love' by Val Saari

'Lettin' It Roll'  by Heather Gronow

'Something Bout Summer' by Val Saari

'Kesi' by Ria Vos

'Rising Girl' by Janet Ge

'Witchcraft' by Diana Dawson