'Like I'ts Christmas' by Christina Yang

'I'm Crazy About Her' by Christina Yang

'Matame Koplo' by Mbah Wir & Muki Matohir

'Cozy Little White Christmas' by Kim-Fundanzer 

'Rock The Casbah' by Lesley Kidd & Colleagues

'Christmas Cuddle Up' by Val Saari

'Todavia' by mBah Wir & Rarayanti Marwan

'Club Tropicana' by Mary Bee Friedrich & Paul Steinborn

'Everything But You' by Ursula Traffelet

'If It Hadn't Been For Love' by Dag Alexander Wien

'Buzzed On Loving You' by Sandra Schuler

'Nobody's Cha  by Malene Jakobsen & Adam Astmar

'Giddy Yap' by Kim Liebsch

 'A Man Hugs A Girl' by mbah Wir

'Huo Hua Xiao Chu' by Jaszmine Tan

'Holding Mom's Hand' by Janet Ge

'The Difference' by Frank Heelan

'Stars Of The South' by Marja Urgert & Jan van Tiggelen

'Drink Drank Drunk' by Rachael McEnaney-White