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michael beall
a month ago

I am learning your Tic Toc Love dance and have a question. Section 2 5-6, 7&8&. Your step sheet says "sweep LF back, LF step back" If you sweep the LF back, how do you then step the LF back ? I think the count should be 5-6-7 for step RF back (5), (6) sweep LF back, sweep RF back and behind LF (7), next line would be &8& step LF side (&),RF rock across (8), recover LF (&)

Lene Mainz Pedersen
3 months ago

Such a fine web - thank you so much for doing this <3 Best Regards from Denmark <3

Chris Cleevely
a year ago

Thanks Dwight for giving me the opportunity to show my dances. Great site. x

Marian van der Heijden
a year ago

hoi Dwight
je mag echt trots zijn op je website
heel leuk ..β€ΌπŸ’ƒ

Lars Kuif
a year ago

Hi Dwight,

I really like your website. It's easy to look something up, but what I like even more is that you give others lots of positive attention with the 1-minute interviews, spotlight, etc. Thanks for helping each other out! :) Cheers!!

2 years ago

Great website.πŸ˜‹

Teresa Lawrence
2 years ago

Great website. X live T&V. X

Golejewski, Birgit
2 years ago

Hello Dwight, it's a successful website!

ilona tessmer-willis
2 years ago

Very nice site. Well organized.
Thank you, Dwight

Heleen Jansen
2 years ago

Dwight complimenten. Netjes en overzichtelijk.

Antoinette claassens
2 years ago

Ziet er heel mooi uit dwight xx