*Starlight January 2020*

- He could teach and dance to any music out there, great guy and personality, love him.

- Incredibly talented. Great sense of humor. Kind, loving, considerate, honest

- He's a great teacher and loves people.

- I love his enthusiasm, his choreography, and his bonhomie.


He is the best instructor and choreographer out there!

- Conrad inspires and teaches line dancing.

He's truly connected to those that participate

- Nice messages from people for Conrad Farnham

Workin' 9 To 5
Must've Been Wild Angels
Closer To You Baby


Hello Conrad,

We are happy to tell you that you have become the '' Starlight '' of January.
Good luck with everything and we will promote you extra this month on our website and on Facebook.

All the best,

LineDancingWorld (LDW)

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I'm Back On My Feet Again
Just Look What God Gave Her
Rumor Going 'Round

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