*Starlight December 2019*

- She is the best!

- A nice woman with a lot of enthusiasm. She takes the time to teach everyone the dances.

- She has also won a number of awards in Germany and she has earned that.

- She is always happy and I think she deserves the ''Starlight ''.


Nothing is too much for her and she always takes the time to talk to you.

- A funny and nice woman with a lot of talent.

- I like her dances. 

- It is always a party when Silvia is there.

- Nice messages from people for Silvia 

5 Days
Back Where I Belong


Hello Silvia,

We are happy to tell you that you have become the '' Starlight '' of December.
Good luck with everything and we will promote you extra this month on our website and on Facebook.

All the best,

LineDancingWorld (LDW)


Find Silvia Schill on Facebook and Youtube

Hold You Tight
Just Forget
Under The Water

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