The winners of the Crystal Boot Awards 2018

Published on 28 January 2019 at 23:47

Favorite People

Dedicated Dance DJ
''Gary Lafferty''

Dedicated Dance Artist
''Richard Palmer''

UK Instructor
''Fred Whitehouse''

UK Choreographer
''Fred Whitehouse''

International Instructor
''Maddison Glover''

International Choreographer
''Gary O'Reilly''

Female Dance Personality
''Maddison Glover''

Male Dance Personality
''Gary O'Reilly''

Hall Of Fame
''Dave Baycroft''

Rising Star
''Blaire Morgan''

The Irene Crossley For The Love Of Dance Award
''George Crutchlow''

Dance Category

Absolute Beginner Dance

Rocket To The Sun
by ''Maddison Glover''

Beginner Dance

I Close My Eyes

by ''Hazel Pace''

Improver Dance 

Groovy Love by ''Daniel Trepat, Fred Whitehouse & Jonas Dahlgren''

Intermediate Dance

Vanotek Cha by ''Gary O'Reilly''

Advanced Dance

Blaze Of Glory by ''Fred Whitehouse, Niels Poulsen, Shane McKeever & Simon Ward''

Wild Card Dance

Come Alive by ''Rachael McEnaney-White
& Shane McKeever''

Dance Of The Year
Vanotek Cha by ''Gary O'Reilly''

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