Let us know here which dances you have taught this month. 

Dance Name - Choreographer Taught In
I Close My Eyes - Hazel Pace The Netherlands, Germany
Let's Kiss About It - Daisy Simons Belgium
Oh Me Oh My Oh - Rob Fowler Belgium, Germany
Day And Night - Dwight Meessen France
Get Dat - Dwight Meessen France
Granted - Maggie Gallagher France
Bound Ta Git Down - Rob Fowler France
10 Years - Silvia Schill Germany
Back Together - Robbie McGowan Hickie Germany
White Rose - Gaye Teather Germany
Over The Moon - Stephen Rutter & Claire Rutter Germany
Waves Of Love - Gary O'Reilly Belgium
Why Walk When You Can Fly - Alison & Peter Belgium
Starlight - Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Belgium
Codigo - Pat Stott Belgium
Beyond Beautiful by Julia Wetzel Germany
Thank You by Tina Argyle Germany x2
Graffiti by Karl-Harry Winson Germany
Dirty Little Secret by Karl-Harry Winson Germany
Make It Sweet by Heather Barton Germany
Who Needs Mexico by Wil Bos The Netherlands
Amame - Robbie McGowan Hickie Germany
Disappearing Tail Lights - Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Germany
Cherry Bomb - Rob Fowler Germany
Tell Me Why - Daisy Simons Belgium
Bloodline - Tina Argyle Belgium
We'll Be Dancing - Maggie Gallagher Belgium
A Little Left Over - Daisy Simons Belgium